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Certificate Program in Algorithmic Trading (CP-AT)
3 Months (Part Time)


The Financial Markets the world over have seen a major paradigm shift in how trading is done. Algorithmic Trading (abv. Algo Trading) also known as Program Trading or Automated Trading, essentially implies that the trading is done by computer programs. Currently a vast majority of the trades in some of the markets are algorithmic in nature.

These algorithms depend on advanced techniques for formulating trading strategies, detection of profitable trade opportunities, generating trade signals, generating the trades and trade order execution. At each stage there is extensive use of technologies. The algorithmic trading has replaced lot of the trading that was earlier done manually.

Algorithm Trading, both High-Frequency as well as Low Frequency is now a very lucrative career. A breed of traders known as the Algo-Traders has emerged who have certain skill-sets that are much sought after in the industry.

MoreInformation Course Highlights

Live Trading experience in real market
Training in Simulation Lab
Code Your Own Strategies into Algos
Training on industry leading algorithmic trading platforms
50% Course Fee Refund by Master Trust*

MoreInformation About the Course
The CPAT course, jointly conducted by IIQF and Master Trust, a leading Financial Services Firm, and taught by highly qualified and experienced market practitioners is a job-oriented course that aims to produce industry-ready Algo-Traders, who can join trading desks of various financial institutions or setup their own independent algorithmic prop trading desks.

MoreInformation Who Should Attend

Fresh Graduates Management Students Finance Professionals
Dealers Prop Traders Arbitrageurs
Retail Traders

MoreInformation Course Details
Duration3 Months (Part Time)
ScheduleSaturdays and Sundays
EligibilityGraduate degree in science / economics / commerce / engineering / managament

MoreInformation * Course Fee refund

Master Trust, a leading Financial Services firm, offers 50% course fee refund in the form of brokerage credit for students successfully completing the course and trading with Master Capital.

MoreInformation Brief Course Outline
Introduction to Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Trading Technical Trading Strategies
Options Trading Strategies Strategy Development and Back-testing
Money Management and Risk Management Algorithmic System Design and Implementation

MoreInformation Algorithmic Trading Lab

Both Simulated Trading Lab as well as Live Trading Lab fully equipped with advanced algorithmic trading platforms and statistical analysis systems.

MoreInformation Faculty

Abhijit Biswas, is the founding Director and Head of Product Development at Risk Infotech Solutions, India’s pioneering company in Portfolio Risk Management Software Products. He is currently consultant to HPC Links which is involved in the development of Quantitative Finance solutions and services using High Performance Parallel Computing technologies in Algorithmic Trading, Risk Analytics, etc. He is also consultant to financial institutions for Quantitative Volatility Trading systems. He is also the founding Director of IIQF. He has been a consultant to major global financial institutions in risk management domain. More...

MoreInformation Learning Outcomes
Successful completion of the course will train the candidates to:
  • Build, Back-test, Optimize and Implement Algorithmic Trading Strategies
  • Learn to code your own strategies into algorithms

  • MoreInformation Course Calendar
    Centre Start Date
    Online 14th October, 2017

    MoreInformation Registration Process

    You may register online for the course by filling up the form given here .

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